A Final Goodbye

Sunlight emerges
Piercing through under the canopy
Rays bounce of a misty blanket
Tears fall from the early morning dew
The world awakens
A friend will be here soon

A bed of fallen autumn leaves scatter
A path is made
The elderly figure approaches
Aging eyes struggle to see
The memories though, sharp and clear
A long-time ritual ensues
The two now stand in each other’s shadow

A hand reaches out
Slightly trembling
The palm is held against the rugged bark
Two souls now connected as one
Today it was stronger than ever
The years long remembered

Everything must come to an end
An old man can no longer pretend
His days are numbered
Needs to say good-by to his old friend
Arms stretch out to embrace the big Oak
A lump swells up in the man’s aging throat

Not a word was spoken
Both knew each other well
A special bond
An energy flowing back and forth
Strengthened by the seasons
A friendship forged over time

The Oak sensed the moment
The old man is gone
Leaving the park
Never to return
A weeping willow stands alone
With the assistance of a passing wind
Tree limbs sadly waved good-bye

Vincenzo Russo©2019

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