Things To Come!!!

In a previous article it was proclaimed that the world ended in early in 2020, not with a bang but, rather with a whimper. Since then everything has changed in a “blink of an eye”. In a few months from now it is going to alter a whole lot more and the worrying thing is that no one is going to remember what the world once looked like. History will be totally deleted from human consciousness, equivalent to Nazi Germany’s burning of all books. Most of the human population will resemble Zombies, going about their business in a complete fog. With the rapid speed at which change has occurred and is still currently taking place then the consequence of this is that time has been condensed and this would mean that the social individual will simply be in survival mode. Already the world has witnessed such changes happening in the past year e.g.

(1) A world-wide Pandemic being declared

(2) The imposition of rolling city and state wide lockdowns

(3) The mandatory wearing of masks

(4) Th roll out of mass vaccinations

(5) The closing of national and state border and the restrictions on travel

(6) The introduction of ‘Contact Tracing’ Apps

(7) New laws being made to make non-compliance to health mandated direction a criminal offence.

What else can be expected in the coming weeks and months?

Already Health officials in Australia are advising the population to do the following:

(1) Do not visit neighbor’s or engage in conversations with them

(2) Do not invite guests to your home or hold large gatherings

(3) When at a supermarket, do not engage with other shoppers and along with wearing a mask.

The next question to be posed is what then can we expect within the coming weeks?

As mandatory check-in through contact tracing apps become common place the authorities will then require everyone to download a check-in app when accessing a social media site. Privacy protection functions on Smart Phones and computers will be completely removed as Government agencies will be given a “Backdoor” into these devices in which to gather data. Other measures that will come into law include:

(1) Spectators will be completely banned from sporting events. Only elite sporting competitions will be allowed to take place but only in empty stadiums

(2) Mandatory Vaccination certificates will be rolled out and which then would allow anyone possessing one to undertake limited travel, either nationally or overseas.

(3) The introduction of a “Consent” app in which includes the consenting of adults to engage in sexual activities. Far fetched some would say. Early this year the Police Commissioner of New South Wales had already floated this idea and saw it being put in place during the next year or two.


(3) Home ownership and occupancy will be abolished because these will be considered to potential “hotspots” for the transmission of the virus. Thus families will be separated and compelled to live in single family dwellings via the ‘Low Cost Affordable” housing scheme. Do you see where this is all going?

The information contained above is a lot to take in during one sitting, so take a while to absorb it all. To read more intersting story & poems buy now Thriller Based On True Events Book..

Who to listen too?


The voice of reason is all too often drowned out by those who both shout and scream the loudest. That is happening today as it has done repeatedly over the centuries and which is probably why conflicts continue to occur rather than humans being allowed to live in harmony and cooperation. This societal trait is no better illustrated than that of an event which was described in the New Testament and featured in all four gospels. Whether this incident was historically accurate or even took place, is not for me to judge but rather simply pointing out the message being conveyed.

The story concerns a character named Barabbas, who was imprisoned by the Romans for being a violent terrorist. To celebrate the Passover, it was customary for the Roman Prefect of the region to pardon a convicted prisoner. The crowd was given a choice of deciding between Barabbas and the man known as Jesus, who was regarded by his followers as being the “Prince of Peace”, and who had not committed any acts of violence, as to who would be crucified on the cross. Barabbas supporters were the rowdiest and loudest of both groups and so this led to Pontius Pilot appeasing them and subsequently releasing Barabbas. By now most of us would be familiar about how the story thereafter played out.

The moral of the message is that in this current social, political, and economic climate people of all persuasions will attempt to attract your attention and sway you to their beliefs and ideas. It is important therefore, to stay true to yourself and seek peace within. Choose wisely and decide with your heart and not the head. Try and buy Motivation Book to get yourself motivated.

Photo of Angry Mob

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Don’t be like an Ostrich

The below post captures the underlying message in my self-published book “Keeping in Touch with Cheryl: A Memoir” i.e. if one does not know where they came from or how one got here then they will be in no position to know where they are going. They will simply give up their decision making powers to others and they will lead you in a direction that you may not like.

Commentary by Vincenzo Russo

The World ended while you weren’t paying attention!!!
The early twentieth century writer Ernest Hemmingway in a poem titled “Hollowed Men” grieved that there was a complete breakdown of language, prayer and the spirit as “the world ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper”. The same sentiments can be held about several periods of human history and including the current one.

The term “world” is solely represented within the language of humans in order to refer to their surroundings and environment i.e. what was the planet earth called before humans gave it that name? Over time humans have used the term to assist in creating, defining and organizing the physical world around them. This in turn determines what systems and social structures are put in place to enable individuals, groups and the collective to function and survive at any given period. Some have lasted for centuries while others have existed for only a short period. These include:

• The Golden age (a time put forward by astrologists and spiritual groups)•

The period of Hunting and gathering

• The agricultural age

• The industrial age

• The technological age

The above all represent different worlds in the human experience.
One thing that they all had and have in common is that these separate worlds all ended/not with a bang but with a whimper. While still technically in the Technological age, this too will also pass. Each simply, transitions into the next while humans are busy doing other things. Just like the changing cycles of the four seasons. The only question remains to be answered is whether there is any individual or group who is in control of these endings and transitions or does it happen naturally?

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May be an image of child and outdoors

Title: Part 2-In the Blink of an Eye

A Poem following on from Part 1-In the Blink of an Eye

The world was about to wake from its slumber

Unaware that all was about to crumble

From China came the numbers

Then the virus went over the borders

Travelling across oceans and over land

One by one it played its selective hand

A world-wide pandemic was declared

Covid-19 was now the word

The media soon sensed the fear

And so, it notched it up another gear

Panic set in amongst the masses

Acting before everything crashes

Supermarket shelves were looking bare

Toilet paper especially was becoming rare      

In the blink of an eye as the days went by

Laws were passed in which all had to comply

Stay at home and wear a mask

Obey, or the Police will take you to task

There will be no warnings when given a fine

By not following the rules will now be a crime

Do not dissent or neither protest

Otherwise, you will be under arrest

In the blink of an eye, all your freedoms are gone

That is now the message, whether it be right or wrong

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               Vincenzo Russo©2021

Title: Part 1-In the Blink of an Eye

2019 and a new decade was awaiting

Another page of history was in the making

The economy was just humming along

Albeit, to a familiar song

The rhythms of life played to an eerie beat

Many were protesting about the rising heat

Opposing groups were drawing a line in the sand

You are either with us or not, that was the plan

Technological changes were still gathering pace

An unknown future was beckoning the human race

Good or bad, the jury is still out

Varied opinions were still being tossed about

Then the tail of 2019 was wagging fast

Leaving the dust to settle in the past

Rumours were spreading around the globe

A transmissible virus had escaped its host

China was the focus of such reports

No problem, said the world for it had happened before

And so, a new decade arrived with minimal fuss

Life goes on and in God we trust

Then came along the big bad Wolf

Huffing and puffing, as only it could

It sensed a world vulnerable for the taking

A global population ready for a shaking

The wolf could no longer be kept from the door

With the protection of man-made law

From China, then a new virus did emerge

Called Corona, claimed to be from a Bat as being its source

In a blink of an eye the world had changed for ever

A global pandemic was declared, and nations did surrender

     Vincenzo Russo©2021

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A Final Goodbye

Sunlight emerges
Piercing through under the canopy
Rays bounce of a misty blanket
Tears fall from the early morning dew
The world awakens
A friend will be here soon

A bed of fallen autumn leaves scatter
A path is made
The elderly figure approaches
Aging eyes struggle to see
The memories though, sharp and clear
A long-time ritual ensues
The two now stand in each other’s shadow

A hand reaches out
Slightly trembling
The palm is held against the rugged bark
Two souls now connected as one
Today it was stronger than ever
The years long remembered

Everything must come to an end
An old man can no longer pretend
His days are numbered
Needs to say good-by to his old friend
Arms stretch out to embrace the big Oak
A lump swells up in the man’s aging throat

Not a word was spoken
Both knew each other well
A special bond
An energy flowing back and forth
Strengthened by the seasons
A friendship forged over time

The Oak sensed the moment
The old man is gone
Leaving the park
Never to return
A weeping willow stands alone
With the assistance of a passing wind
Tree limbs sadly waved good-bye

Vincenzo Russo©2019

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