Grim Warning

The views being expressed by the writer are his alone and solely with the intention of providing an alternative explanation coming which from other sources. The reader can make up their own mind as to whether it aligns with the knowledge and information that is at their disposal.

In the past two weeks both the state of Victoria, Australia and New Zealand ordered the reinstatement of new Lockdown laws, based on a detection of a rising Covid-19 cases. This seems a trend that will continue in other states and countries for some time to come. Why though thus there appear to be a media blackout and almost defying silence coming from governments regarding the discovery of variants of the virus? There is the occasional report but then all goes quiet. Is the population being kept in the dark about what is to come?

In the later part of the 20th Century most common infections, colds, strains of influenza and such were successfully treated with anti-biotics. The general public almost accepted this practice without question. With their increasing use certain sections of the medical profession began to raise concerns about anti-biotics being over prescribed, since this would lead to the introduction of ‘Superbugs’. That is, most germs and virus would become resistant to the use of anti-biotics. Even the highly read Times Magazine gave a grim warning on this particular subject as recent as May 2017 noting that Superbugs were on the rise and that hospitals were facing unique challengers on how to confront this new threat. What is currently the response to this?

The writer makes the observation that those in positions of authority e.g. The World Heath Organization (WHO), world-wide governments and sectors of the medical industry are hiding the real truth from the human population and using the presence of the Corona Virus as a distraction from what really is to come. One only has to question the speed in which a vaccine had been developed and how it has been rolled out.

They keep telling us that it takes years and even decades for treatments of various deceases and conditions to be properly researched and trialed before they can be approved. In the case of the previously undetected Covid-19 Virus a vaccine appears and is approved out of nowhere and hailed as a historical medical breakthrough. Is the speedy world-wide rollout of such a vaccine merely to give the general population a Placebo effect i.e. give the illusion that it will successfully treat the virus and everything thing will then be back to normal. Meanwhile the outbreak of Superbugs continue to gather pace.

Finally, the question that is being posed to the reader is as to really who should be in control of the future because at the moment it all seems rather grim?

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