Inspired by True Events-Experiencing Childhood Traumas

Have you ever finished a book and had to just stop and think before you can move on? Keeping in touch with Cheryl will do that to you.

The author is a 63 year old male who was born in Italy and migrated to Australia at the age of 4. He currently lives alone in a rural town along side the Murray River in South Australia. I became a widower following my wife’s death in 2010 and I am father of 2 children. Currently in recipient a Commonwealth Goverment Disability Support Pension and have been since 2013. Further personal information are detailed in the memoirs.

Vincenzo Russo writes with such a personal and intimate touch that you can’t help but feel a part of the story. From a distant Italian country town of the 1950s to present-day Adelaide, Russo takes you on a detailed and personal journey that explores his life as an Italian migrant who arrived in Australia post-World War Two with nothing but the love of his family and drive to experience the world.

In terms of writing style, there is very little amiss with the book. It is written as a series of letters to his late wife, Cheryl; each chapter exploring a new stage in his life as he experiences it. Stylistically, Russo employs his vast knowledge of the English language through expert metaphor and simile to describe events in a way that you begin to feel as though you are there with him in his head as it happens.


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