Predictive Programming of Public?

Major media outlets, such as the Sun Newspaper in Britain, are now reporting that scientists are now claiming that a “new pandemic is just around the corner”. Why is this happening in such a short space of time?

It seems that the authorities are priming the public into accepting that world wide change needs to happen to manage, control and eliminate such events from reoccurring in the future. The obvious solution is to implement a ‘one world government’ while breaking down national borders, and a complete “reset” of the financial and monetary market i.e., removing cash and introducing digital currencies and along with a ‘one world central bank’. The speed at which this is all going to be put in place is compatible with the aims and objectives of the United Nation’s Agenda 21/20-30, in which to promote ‘Sustainable Development’.

Is it just a coincidence that this current pandemic took hold in 2020, the beginning of the same year as the United Nations’ time span of the 20-30 decade came into being. Off course this is just speculation on my part due to having no evidence that the two are in any way related but, it is certainly “food for thought”.

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