Science Fiction of Fact

George Orwell’s 1984
A book written way before
A story read by millions as mere science-fiction
Rather than one that had a dire prediction
As usual the book was turned into a movie
Made to entertain many a cinema-going viewer
In the ensuing years, the book was left on the shelf
To gather dust while the rich proceeded to expand their wealth
Under the illusion that life was to get better
The population went along regardless of the weather
Along the way governments grew fatter
While spending more on their military and all that firepower
Laws have altered and changed at the stroke of a pen
To protect those who have huge wealth to defend
Under the shadow of a work-day clock
Individuals became distracted and not pausing to stop
Rarely a passing thought to what it was all about.
Now it is a struggle to contend with how things have worked out.
The year 2020 has crept up way to soon
And with-it people are dancing to a vastly different tune
George Orwell may well be dead
The themes of 1984 however are currently living in our head
We see them take shape in the way people behave
“Group Think” and “Double Speak” etc., is now how they relate
Governments have now become both Mother and Father
Laying down the law to your sister and brother
Yes, 1984 is no longer fiction
You are living it and you live in its prison

Vincenzo Russo©2020

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