The Stakes are High

Forget about the term “conspiracies” because it basically means planning that goes on behind the scenes. It happens in all sectors of society. From the most wealthy, large corporations, small social groups and even down to you, the individual.

The wealthy and powerful, devise devious ways in which to keep their wealth. Corporations come up with various schemes to market and sell you a product in order to keep their shareholder satisfied. Social groups deliberately think of ways to either maintain or to increase membership. And then there is ‘you’, who may be plotting to attract a future partner or how to be the most popular in your circle of friends. Planning behind the scenes goes on each second, every minute and all hours of every single day.

This activity is universally tolerated and accepted as a means of surviving i.e., ‘the means justifies the ends’. It only becomes condemned or denied when it comes out into the open and then all of a sudden everyone becomes righteous and innocent as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth. Even at this very moment there is someone conspiring to attack the ‘messenger’ because they don’t like what is being said. Very few are immune from making plans that are kept secret and unbeknown to others.

For most part a large percentage of the human population live in bustling and congested cities. “Welcome to the Jungle” the title of one a Guns & Roses’ songs. It is dog eat dog and it’s survival of the fittest, regardless if you are one of the wealthy or among the most poorest. Living in these fast paced environments the “stakes are very high”. Either stay alive or get pushed aside and perish.