Taking the plunge

The below poem is based on a near drowning experience whilst as a teenager.

Took a big leap

Jumped into the deep

Nothing to grab

Sank like a concrete slab


Panic set in

Brought to the brink

The years flashed before the eyes

Is this how one dies?


Two men did come to the rescue

Hauled the exhausted body to the surface

In the ensuing years

This man was haunted by his fears


The experience left the mind in fright

Rarely able to take flight

Never a winner

But rather, always a beginner


Not wanting again to venture into the deep

Preferring rather to stay firmly on his feet

Now however, with a new sense of freedom

It is time to confront that pestering demon


And so, it is back into the water

Hence, learning to swim even, though older

And soon there will be another new leap

But this time, will no longer fear the deep

      Vincenzo Russo©2021

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