The Fear behind Not Wanting To do Anything: Part 3

I have just recently revisited and listened to ‘Climbing a stairway to heaven’ by Led Zeppelin, a song released in late 1971. The reason for doing was to listen to the words in a whole different light given what is known now. With most songs the meanings behind the lyrics are somewhat obscure and hence, one takes it for granted that they have some significance to the composer(s) rather than any one else. In this instance, however, there seems to be a message for the collective which is hidden behind the poetry.

What is know about Jimmy Page, one of the composers of the song and lead singer of the band, is that he was a strong follower of Aleister Crowley, someone who was well recognized as being an ‘Occultist’. To the general public this refers to someone who dabbles in witch craft and along with wanting to communicate with the dead, as in holding ‘Seances’ or using a ‘Ouija’ board. The term ‘Occult’ however is defined as that of a having a ‘hidden meaning’. That is precisely what is behind the lyrics to ‘Stairway to heaven’. If one wanted to make it big in the music industry then the rule was not to step on anyone toes and especially religious groups who viewed the bible as being the ‘written word’ of God and behold those who dared to question it as being any thing else (just ask the cast of Monty Python after they released a movie called ‘The life of Brian’. There is however, an alternative view and which has been hidden from the public.

In ancient and mystical spiritual teachings the idea of a ‘stairway’ would refer to the spiraling snake (human spine) that works it way up the seven points (chakras) of the spine and on its way opening up the crown chakra on top of the head, where then universal light enters and brings in peace and contentment/heaven. Before this can happen though, the individual must stop being held captive by the left side of the brain and “cast their net to the east” i.e., enter into the right hemisphere of the brain. This is reflected in the following lines of the song:
“There’s a feeling I get
When I look to the west (being the left side)
And my spirit is crying
For leaving ”

For a more detailed understanding of this subject then I may suggest looking up a video presentation on YouTube titled: ‘The Bible’s Hidden Meaning’ put together by Eric Dubay. Beware though, for your beliefs will be challenged.

There, I have fucking done it, since another barrier is being dismantled. I am now finding a way to finally breaking free from the fear of not wanting to express myself because it may not agree with someone else’s view of the world. I can sense some of you asking the question “what makes me an expert and so knowledgeable on this subject matter”. To which I would reply “go and read my self-published book “Keeping in Touch with Cheryl: A Memoir”. After doing so, then make comparisons to the type of individual that I once was to that of the transformation which has taken place over the past few months, to the individual, known as Vincenzo Russo. and what contributed to this personal growth?

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