Title: “Power Shift

”On concrete streets they face each other

Two separate groups who hate one another

In American this is the norm

The country is facing a new bloody dawn

The visions of conflict are clear

Streamed live for all to jeer or cheer

There is an internal civil war in the making

The foundations of a nation are shaking

Major cities have become battle grounds

Along with many regional towns

Politicians are playing their part

Creating further divisions, which is not very smart

It is an ideological war

A theme that has been used many times before

Greater equality is shouted out loud

A “redistribution of wealth” also comes from the same crowd

The other side has a different mantra

Hard work is needed to gain wealth and climb up the ladder

A “tug of war” hence, is the new game in town

Who will win and end up claiming the nation’s crown?

For the world it will be another story

Regardless who triumphs, we will all be that much poorer

In turn we will all be caught up in this deadly rift

As the world is currently experiencing a major global “Power Shift”

Vincenzo Russo©2020

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