Title: The Time Is Near?

This is a tale as old as it is young
For many it tastes like bitterness on the tongue
The thought arrives in silence when the time nears
While trying to hold back repressed tears
Went wandering through the archives of the mind
Seeking answers that were hard to find
Stumbled on memories lost in time
Submerged within boisterous songs and lots of wine
Sought the truth out of a bottle or in a glass
All that was revealed was just more lies and lies
They spoke of an age caught up in youthful bliss
Living in the moment as if time did not exist
Morning and night were merely book ends
To fill in the day as seen through blood shot eyes
Often avoiding the onset of a sunrise
For it heralded a day of more woven lies
Somewhere in the haze there was a child
Trapped in a body that could not thrive
Over the years, pressures mounted
One by one they all compounded
No need now to repeat the same old tale
Since the child did one day end up in jail
Many questions are still unanswered as times draws near
For it is now a short walk from ‘Death Row’ and that is very clear

Vincenzo Russo©2021

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