Tomorrow Arrives Early

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, tomorrow is knocking on your door and it is not in a very good mood. Soon after waking up you are going to discover that the world that you knew only yesterday is going to be shaken to its foundation. Are you prepared for it?

The thought that enters your head first thing in the morning is “hum”. It is not a long word and neither is it short but it conveys a very powerful message. It is indicating that your life is in a rut and you are wondering whether it is possible to get through another day. Today however, is not going to be like any other?

In the course of the next few hours your employer is going to take you aside and politely will tell you that your job has become redundant. A separation package will be given and then will be asked to collect all belongings and then will be escorted out of the building by security. Sounds pretty bad but wait, it is only going to get worse because your world is going to be thrown into disarray. “How come this is happening to me and how come I didn’t see this coming?” you ask angrily.

Let us be frank and open. You saw this coming but simply wanted to ignore it because it could never happen to ‘me’. Book after book, movie after movie, TV program after TV program, should I go on?, were given you signs and warnings about the frigidity of the various systems that each of us operates in. When the proverbial “shit hits the fan”, then that is when most cry foul and out of habit blame others for our misfortunes. For the time being ask yourself this question “does life imitate art or does art imitate life?”. Perhaps the answer may lie in the middle. Will tomorrow arrive early for you?

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