“Who can you trust”?

In a newspaper headline it reports that the current Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Morrison is confident that the roll out of the Corona Virus vaccine will be safe. In 2018 Mr. Morrison, the then Federal Treasurer, was also confident that the then Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, would survive a party room spill. Guess What? When do you know if a politician is lying? When they open their mouth.

In politics and in many others sectors of society one only needs to put forward their version on the subject on which they are speaking about. Basically all they are required to do is to give the answer that they want to put forward rather, than give both sides. They don’t have to take any responsibility for what is said, for this is left to the opposition, or other groups i.e. media, to either agree or argue against it. This is the nature of a party political system e.g. Labor v’s Liberal, Republicans v’s Democrat’s, etc.

The definition of lying is ‘ to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive’. Hence, if one is only giving one account of a subject matter, then it could be said that in doing so then the intent is to “deceive”. The use of statistics is a good example. In order to make a point or argue a case a politician would rely on one set of statistics that would benefit their intended purpose and not give any credence to an opposing view point.

Mr. Morrison may in fact believe that he is confident about the safety of the vaccine but, as a politician he and along with his party have an agenda to follow since they do not have to take any responsibility for the consequences of their policies.

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