Who to listen too?


The voice of reason is all too often drowned out by those who both shout and scream the loudest. That is happening today as it has done repeatedly over the centuries and which is probably why conflicts continue to occur rather than humans being allowed to live in harmony and cooperation. This societal trait is no better illustrated than that of an event which was described in the New Testament and featured in all four gospels. Whether this incident was historically accurate or even took place, is not for me to judge but rather simply pointing out the message being conveyed.

The story concerns a character named Barabbas, who was imprisoned by the Romans for being a violent terrorist. To celebrate the Passover, it was customary for the Roman Prefect of the region to pardon a convicted prisoner. The crowd was given a choice of deciding between Barabbas and the man known as Jesus, who was regarded by his followers as being the “Prince of Peace”, and who had not committed any acts of violence, as to who would be crucified on the cross. Barabbas supporters were the rowdiest and loudest of both groups and so this led to Pontius Pilot appeasing them and subsequently releasing Barabbas. By now most of us would be familiar about how the story thereafter played out.

The moral of the message is that in this current social, political, and economic climate people of all persuasions will attempt to attract your attention and sway you to their beliefs and ideas. It is important therefore, to stay true to yourself and seek peace within. Choose wisely and decide with your heart and not the head. Try and buy Motivation Book to get yourself motivated.

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